Underworld Wrestling

Seaosn 1 on Amazon Prime Video


Initiated with the financial backing of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Underworld Wrestling began in early 2018 as an experimental live-event wrestling promotion based in inner city Melbourne, Australia. Co-created by Australian wrestling industry veterans, Mark Williamson (also a professional theatre performer), and Adam Ashlee (former pro wrestler), Underworld Wrestling showcases wrestling talent from Australia and New Zealand with matches filmed in front of a live audience in Melbourne, Victoria. According to a Sydney Morning Herald review, “This hilariously bonkers and distinctly Australian wrestling series practically body-slams itself on to the screen.”

Distributed by Bounty Films, Underworld Wrestling first launched on Amazon Prime Video in August 2018 to become the first Australian pro wrestling promotion to stream worldwide to over 100 countries. With further plans to extend to additional streaming services in India and South Asia, more announcements are due to follow. The first full season of Underworld Wrestling was released on Amazon Prime Video in August 2019. Following production completion and release of season one, Underworld Wrestling has been retooled from a live-event wrestling promotion to a television production model, produced by Mark Williamson and Tara Lomax. Season two is currently in development.

Underworld Wrestling is an unapologetically wacky television series that redefines the limits of fiction by blending professional wrestling, fighting sports, and high-concept entertainment. The goal of Underworld Wrestling is to further explore the storytelling potential of pro wrestling while also having fun with its satiric aspects. Inspired by old-time wrestling sports, B-grade exploitation film, and the real-world underground crime scene, Underworld Wrestling throws age-old rivals and the dark arts together in the squared circle for public entertainment. The first season of Underworld Wrestling coincides with the appointment of a new sinister and crazed president of the Underworld fight club, whose first order of business is to dismantle the club’s secrecy and open the fight club up to the world in live and recorded public shows. Read more about the story of Underworld here in Underworld Fight Club: A History.

Welcome the emergence of the Underworld fight club with the Season 1 Trailer and head to Amazon Prime Video to stream Underworld Wrestling now.  

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