Production Team



Producer | co-writer | Co-creATOR | ‘LORD MARK WILLIAMSON’

Mark Williamson is an experienced theatre practitioner and a veteran of the Australian wrestling scene. Working as a ring announcer, commentator, manager, and promotor since the early 2000s, Williamson has either started or been affiliated with several big Australian indie promotions, including IWA, Warzone Australia, PWA, and MCW, and has managed champions and top talents in Australia and from overseas, such as NWA World Heavyweight Champion and WWE producer Adam Pearce. In 2018 he became producer of the new indie promotion Underworld Wrestling, which has since transformed into a globally streaming series on Amazon Prime Video.


Adam Ashlee

Creative Director | co-writer | Co-Creator

Adam Ashlee is a 20-year veteran of the wrestling business, a thrash metal manic and former frontman of the infamous crossover band, Disintegrator. British-born, Ashlee started his wrestling career at the age of 17 and flew himself to America to pursue his dream of becoming a wrestler after falling in love with global wrestling. Returning to Australia, he would work for almost every major Australian wrestling company before he was 21. After being sidelined from the ring due to injury, Ashlee would continue to perform within the music scene and work behind the scenes to bring his vision for Australia’s wrestling future to life with Underworld Wrestling.


Tara Lomax

Development PrODUCER | Publicity MANAGER

Tara Lomax came onboard with Underworld Wrestling in 2019 to coordinate development of season two. As a screen media research scholar and emerging producing practitioner, she has over 15 years of experience researching transmedia and franchise entertainment. Her research publications have examined creative licensing in comic book adaptations, authorship in franchising, and creative value in digital post-production, and she also has six years of experience as a tertiary educator at multiple Australian institutes, including VCA, University of Melbourne, and RMIT. She has postgraduate degrees in screen culture and film from AFTRS and the University of Sydney.





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