Underworld Wrestling Presents “Glory to the Claw”Live Entertainment Event — March Long Weekend

Spectacular Pro Wrestling Season Finale for Amazon Prime Series Filming in Melbourne

[MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 8 February 2019—] Following three live public shows in 2018, Underworld Wrestling (UW) returns in 2019 for the 10th March long-weekend with“Glory to the Claw”— to be held at 3 Dickens St, Elwood. UW invites audiences to this inner- city mansion for a night of spectacular entertainment.

More than a pro wrestling show, UW’s “Glory to the Claw” event is a whole entertainment package of theatrical and consensual violence, competitive athleticism, and a themed environment that sets the stage for an exclusive night of live entertainment. This event will also see the UW debut of mystery international guest: having heard about the power and glory of the UW titles, this former world champion is in Melbourne to join the competition for the ultimate prize in pro wrestling.

UW live events are filmed as part of its series that is globally-streamed on Amazon Prime, and at this season finale recording attendees will witness the climactic culmination of the first UW season. With both coveted UW championship titles on the line, this event involves a tournament to crown the first contender for the next season.

What critics are saying about Underworld Wrestling...

UW’s innovative style and high-concept premise has garnered both international and national attention from wrestling and event commentators. The Melbourne-based event publication, Beat Magazine, described UW live as “a gloriously weird and wonderful night.”

Internationally, renowned pro wrestling critic Brian Zane has reviewed the Amazon Prime series in his popular online series Wrestling with Wregret, highlighting that “thecombination of special match rules and a points system gives this promotion something to make it stand out and it makes it unique.” More succinctly, The Age describes UW’s style of pro wrestling as “Magic.”

What is different about Underworld Wrestling?

Launched by a successful Kickstarter campaign early in 2018, UW is a high-concept professional wrestling promotion that redefines the art of wrestling by blending wrestling, fighting sports, and live entertainment. Melbourne is currently a hotbed for independent pro wrestling, but UW is changing the expectations and reputation of pro wrestling with unique rules, a league ladder, time limits, and a presentation style. UW director AdamAshlee explains that this approach “aims to develop the potential of pro wrestling as aunique entertainment form while celebrating its legacy.”

The story behind Underworld Wrestling...

Underworld Wrestling has existed in the shadows of Melbourne’s bustling city for over 200years as a fight club for the elite and privileged to revel in spectacular violence and compete for two sacred and dark prizes: The Underworld Wrestling Championship titles. Legend has it that whoever controls both titles wield great power.

This secrecy has been recently dismantled with the election of a new sinister and crazed president of Underworld Wrestling, whose first order of command has been to open Underworld Wrestling out for public demonstrations of violence to the world. This new DarkLord of Underworld Wrestling believes that “all are equal at the end of the world”; he isdetermined to control both Championship titles and he wants everyone to be there when he brings about the end of all things.



Event Details

Location: 3 Dickens St, Elwood VIC 3148

Date: 10th March 2019 (Long Weekend) Tickets (before the show): $29 plus p&h Available from: https://tinyurl.com/y9fm24tgTickets (at the door): $40

Website: www.underworldwrestling.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UWfightclub/
Instagram: @uwfightclub
Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/Underworld-Wrestling/dp/B07GJHTSXG


Producer: Mark Williamson
Email: management@underworldwrestling.com