New High Concept Wrestling Show Launches on Kickstarter

[4 April, 2018]

Underworld Wrestling is an intriguing new concept in Professional Wrestling, which will not only win over casual and hardcore fans but will also have a massive impact on the wrestling industry as a whole.

Not since ECW turned the wrestling world on its head with a new vision of just what the sport could be, has anyone bucked tradition or forged ahead towards redefining the wrestling industry. Underworld Wrestling aims to take the realism and intensity of old school wrestling and bring in into a whole new era.

Since the inception of modern pro-wrestling in the 1920's, the sport as we know it has hardly changed. Sure, the in-ring standards, the athleticism, and of course the ridiculous stipulations have evolved... but every promotion and wrestler on earth still follow the basic rules and concepts created by the fathers of pro-wrestling, The Gold Dust Trio. These well-worn, and some might say out-dated, concepts are about to be challenged with Underworld Wrestling's revolutionary new concept of the sport. Underworld is by its very design, set up to return pro-wrestling to its aggressive and believable roots. A controversial and competitive, fighting sport in its own right.

The Australian based, Underworld Wrestling is redefining the concept of professional wrestling as we know it. In Underworld, every match has a purpose. With Underworld Wrestling's unique league ladder and ranking system, every match at every show helps to push wrestling as the highly competitive and combative sport it was always meant to be. The league is similar to the NBA, NFL, and other sports leagues that have competitors challenging for points. Wrestlers are rewarded for knockouts and submission victories with 2 points, and pinfall or count out victories with 1 point. No longer will challengers be declared for title shots seemingly on a whim. Wrestlers will have to prove their worth and earn the points, to fight for an Underworld Championship. This concept is unlike anything on the planet and has already captured the imaginations of industry leaders and fans across the world.

Underworld Wrestling is led and created by former Australian professional wrestler Adam Bruiser, a man with nearly 20 years’ experience in the industry. Bruiser created the concept after being sidelined from the ring with a career-ending injury. Always one to push the sport to new heights, and in new avenues, he truly believes that Underworld will take wrestling into a new age. The unique rules and ranking system can only be found here at Underworld Wrestling, but we have no doubt the concept will spread well beyond the land "down under". Where other federations are happy to copy the established companies, and the old ways of professional wrestling, Underworld seeks to bring fans around the globe together to enjoy a new experience. Putting the spotlight not only on the Australian wrestling talent but also showcasing their unique and diverse style within this revolutionary new concept.

Joining the management team of Underworld Wrestling is a veritable who’s who of the Australian wrestling scene, including:
Lord Mark Williamson, Underworld creative and part owner, a double-decade veteran manager who has run multiple wrestling promotions/tours, and has worked with, and been mentored, alongside industry leaders such as Raven and Adam Pearce.

Justine Colla (AKA @pastasauca),Underworld’s resident community manager, a video game industry leader and world-famous artist whose work has been featured on WWE television.Andy Coyne, British wrestling’s most valuable export. Coyne has commentated/ring announcer for many of the biggest shows around Australia and has a resume that boasts both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Underworld Wrestling Welcomes You to the “End of All Things”.

To help Underworld Wrestling stand out from the crowd, the team has opted to avoid producing a “cookie cutter” promotion, and instead create a high concept show that not only presents Australian wrestling in a daring and intriguing new light but also which stays true to its hard-fought origins.

The narrative for the promotion is presented as an “illegal” underground fight club that has been running in secret, under the streets of Melbourne since the cities’ inception. Underworld Wrestling has competitors fight in fast and frantic matches, with strict time limits and a unique points systems, designed to find contenders for it’s dual female and male Championships in both a logical and exciting manner.

However, it appears something more sinister is brewing under the surface, as every victory brings the wrestlers and their fans closer to the shows' frightening conclusion; a fight between all that is good and evil, and which will eventually bring us to the inevitable “end of all things”.

Underworld Wrestling has opened a Kickstarter campaign offering fans the chance to purchase a 2018 Season Pass (5 episodes + bonus content), at a discounted price of $20 AUD, $15.5 USD, £11 GBP (full value $39.96 AUD). Regular membership will be $6.66 AUD p/month through PivotShare.

The first show will be run on June 15th at “The Claw HQ”, 3 Dickens St Elwood, VIC.

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