Pro Wrestling Live Event in Melbourne this November:

‘Underworld Wrestling’ TV Series Filming for Worldwide Streaming Platform

Australian Indie Wrestling Promotion Invites Melbourne Audience to Witness TV Recordings for Amazon Prime Video

[MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 22 October 2018—] Underworld Wrestling (UW) announce its biggest live event for 2018: Underworld Wrestling Live! The event promises an outstanding line-up of local world-class wrestlers ready to compete for ultimate glory on a worldwide stage on 16t h November at 3 Dickens St, Elwood. More than a live wrestling show, UW events are filmed as part of its globally streaming TV series on Amazon Prime Video and this event will be the last chance for a Melbourne audience to attend filming events this year.

Following on from WWE’s successful Super Show-Down event at the MCG earlier this month, UW’s event on 16t h November is the ideal opportunity to see the best of local up-and-coming talent. UW co-founder and director Adam Ashlee is committed to showcasing the best of local wrestling and says that “UW was born out of a desire to give local wrestlers an unique platform to showcase their talents.” As a former pro wrestler, Ashlee’s continuing passion for pro wrestling and its potential is the driving motivation behind UW and its continuing evolution.

Previous UW events have featured talent like New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) Super heavyweight star Gino Gambino, 6’5 giant and international pro wrestling veteran Slade Mercer, and current UW wrestling champions, Vixsin and Pitbull. The November event line-up will see Vixsin defend her championship title against Avary, in a match between two of the best female pro wrestlers in the country. Also, returning from a successful international tour in Europe, Gino Gambino has a personal score to settle with the young and arrogant, Mitch Waterman. While UW is building a reputation for promoting the best wrestling talent this country has to offer, Ashlee notes that this is “only scratching the surface of what our growing local audience and worldwide fans on Amazon Prime have seen."

UW wrestlers are from all over Melbourne and many are generating international attention for their work on UW and other leading worldwide promotion and are willing to talk to media about their involvement in this exciting event.

What is Different About Underworld Wrestling?

Launched by a successful Kickstarter campaign early in 2018, Underworld Wrestling (UW) is a high-concept professional wrestling promotion that redefines the art of wrestling by blending pro wrestling, fighting sports, and live entertainment. Melbourne is currently a hotbed for independent pro wrestling, but UW is changing the expectations and reputation of pro wrestling with unique rules, a league ladder, time limits, and presentation style that has garnered international attention. UW’s first event has been reviewed by renowned U.S. pro wrestling critic Brian Zane: “I believe that the combination of special match rules and a points system gives this promotion something to make it stand out and it makes it unique” (Wrestling with Wregret 31 July

The Story of Underworld Wrestling...

Underworld Wrestling has existed in the shadows of Melbourne’s bustling city for over 200 years as a fight club for the elite and privileged to revel in violence and compete for two sacred and dark prizes: The Underworld Wrestling Championship titles. Legend has it that whoever controls both titles wield great power.

While many believe that pro wrestling in Australia started in the 1960s, that history is littered with half-truths and damaging fiction propagated and manipulated by elite cult members of Underworld Wrestling, who have kept the promotion a secret in order to maintain exclusive access to the sacred prizes.

This secrecy has been recently dismantled with the election of a new sinister and crazed president of Underworld Wrestling, whose first order of command has been to open Underworld Wrestling out for public demonstrations of violence to the world. This new Dark Lord of Underworld Wrestling believes that “all are equal at the end of the world”; he is determined to control both Championship titles and he wants everyone to be there when he brings about the end of all things.



Event Details

Date: Friday 16t h November 2018
Address: CLAW HQ, 3 Dickens St, Elwood, VIC, 3184.

Tickets: $29 + bf
Available from:

Twitter: @uwfightclub


Director: Adam Ashlee