Review — People Magazine (23 Sept 2019):

“Underworld of Pain”

Underworld Wrestling reminded us of Fight Club and Underbelly crossed with old-school pro wrestling and low-budget horror flicks”


review — NERDLY UK (9 SEPT 2019)

Season 1 Review — Amazon Prime Video

Underworld Season 1 Amazon

“we’re not dealing with an ordinary wrestling promotion... This is something unique and attempts to break some moulds and do some unusual and original things with pro-wrestling programming”

— Chris Cummings, Nerdly

Feature Article — Beat Magazine (20 Feb 2019):

“Underworld Wrestling turns a normal wrestling match into an underground fight night”

Carlo Cannon v. Mike E. on Underworld Wrestling

Carlo Cannon v. Mike E. on Underworld Wrestling

“Forget everything you know about the world of pro-wrestling… okay, almost everything” — David James Young, Beat Magazine

News—Filmink Magazine (22 August 2018)

Underworld Wrestling Launches on Amazon Prime Video

First Australian Wrestling Promotion Streaming on a Major Worldwide Platform


Event Review — Beat Magazine (June 2018)

One gloriously weird and wonderful night at Melbourne’s Underworld Wrestling

“A real flair for inventive storytelling is what distinguishes Underworld Wrestling, with its outlandish and difficult-to-follow mythology of betrayal, blood debts and black magic” — Beat Magazine

Lord Mark Williamson and Lord Andy Coyne at Underworld Wrestling

Lord Mark Williamson and Lord Andy Coyne at Underworld Wrestling

Mentioned — Espn Wwe Article (3 April 2019):

“Why are so many wrestlers 'best friends'?”

“there have never been so many dynamic ways to portray and enhance performers' personalities and interpersonal bonds. Take cult-favorite California-based promotion Lucha Underground, which teamed up with filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to launch an eponymous TV show that doubled as a combat-sport telenovela. Or Australia's Underworld Wrestling, with its high-concept, end-times mythos that makes every bout a do-or-die affair”

— Kenny Herzog, ESPN

Review—Sydney Morning Herald (15 Nov 2018)

Streaming Review — Amazon Prime Video

Avary v Izzy Shaw at Underworld Wrestling

Avary v Izzy Shaw at Underworld Wrestling

“This hilariously bonkers and distinctly Australian wrestling series practically body-slams itself on to the screen” — Brad Newsome, Sydney Morning Herald

Event article — Beat Magazine (11 Feb 2019)

“Underworld Wrestling returns for a walloping weekend event”

Vixsin v. Avary at Underworld Wrestling

Vixsin v. Avary at Underworld Wrestling

Review — Wrestling with Wreget (31 July 2018)

“the combination of special match rules and a points system gives this promotion something to make it stand out and it makes it unique”—Brian Zane, Wrestling with Wregret

On the Turnbuckle.jpg

Podcast Interview with On the Turnbuckle (29 Nov 2018)

Lord Mark Williamson Returns

Lord Mark Williamson takes a break from the Dark Lord to bare all with his pro wrestling origin story.


Podcast Interview with Minutes with the Mayor (24 Oct 2018)

Guest Appearance with Adam Ashlee

Creative Director of Underworld Wrestling, Adam Ashlee, talks with Derek Montilla from the Minutes with the Mayor Podcast.

On the Turnbuckle.jpg

Podcast interview with On the Turnbuckle (10 May 2018)

Lord MArk Williamson Guest Appearance

Lord Mark Williamson visits the On the Turnbuckle studio to talk about his plans to open up the Underworld fight club to the public and bring about the End of All Things