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Popular history often tells how professional wrestling was introduced to Australia in the 1960s and 70s by international promoters looking to tame an unruly sporting market. Little did these promotors know the southern territory presented fierce competition with an underground wrestling tradition brandishing a particularly ruthless style of fighting sports. The Underworld fight club was the flagship sports gathering of Melbourne’s underworld and it had a deep-seated history with which international promotions could, and would not, contend.

The Underworld fight club is said to have formed during the Victorian Gold Rush era of the mid-nineteenth century. Fighters and members met in secret to compete for riches and glory. The club maintained its exclusivity to protect two sacred and dark prizes: The Underworld Championship titles. Legend has it that whoever controls both titles wields great power. Most think this power comes in the form of fortune and some crave its glory, but a select few think it bestows mystical powers.

More recently, the Underworld fight club has been overrun by a cultish faction called The Claw, who ushered in its sinister and crazed leader, Lord Mark Williamson, as new president of the fight club. Williamson is one of the select few members who believed in the mystical powers of the belts and sought to obtain control of both belts to bring about what he called “the end of all things.” His first order of business was to manipulate the rules of the club in his favour to obtain control of both belts. Williamson wanted the world to watch as he brought about “the end of all things” so he dismantled the club’s secrecy and opened the fight club up to the world through live and recorded public shows.

These shows are now available to stream throughout the world on Amazon Prime Video in the series Underworld Wrestling.

Suspected locations of Underworld fight club activity in Melbourne, circa 1910s.