Many believe that professional wrestling in Australia began in the 1960's, however, a dark history tells that Underworld Wrestling long preceded this, being founded in the early 1800’s. It became known as a place where everyone, regardless of class or background, could come to fight in a place of true equality.  For centuries, hundreds of warriors have fought over two dark prizes while abiding by the Underworld's strict and sacred rules. Legend has it, whoever controls both prizes, wields great power.  

These prizes are competed for by the desperate souls that reside in the Underworld, in the form of the Underworld Championships.

Underworld Wrestling currently resides within The Claw HQ in Melbourne, Australia.  Monthly meetings see these warriors enter the Underworld for a number of reasons: to bring an end to all; to fight their demons; for personal glory. 

As of April 2018, the Underworld Club has been taken over by Lord Mark Williamson, the leader of an insidious cult named The Claw. He has one goal: to control both Underworld Championships and bring about The End of All Things. 

Regardless of leadership, the Underworld has rules that even Gods must abide by. And although The Claw have overrun the Club, they must continue to allow others to enter and compete for the Underworld Championships.



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