Underworld Wrestling
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Underworld Wrestling
A high concept show that redefines the art of wrestling, where every victory brings us closer to The End of All Things.




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If you’re reading this… then maybe it’s not too late.

 Underworld Wrestling, in one shape or another, has been Australia’s most regrettable secret (or proudest accomplishment), as it has been the country's longest running underground fight club. 

Inside the Underworld Club you will see two competitors face one another in fierce and frantic battle for survival, clawing and scratching in desperation in the hopes of winning points. To earn a championship opportunity, an Underworld wrestler must earn enough points, after which they may cash them in for a shot at an Underworld Championship.

They enter to fight and win quickly, or suffer the consequences.  

Having taken Kickstarter by storm, Underworld Wrestling has finally arrived, filmed for Amazon Prime Video. Uncut episodes and exclusive membership benefits will be $6.66 p/month through  PivotShare.

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We formally welcome you to Underworld Wrestling: The End of All Things.